Come and view our freshly cut Christmas trees in our floodlit forest. There you will find all our Christmas trees on display.

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Cut Tree Price List 2023

Visit and collect, or book local delivery (charges apply*)

Cut Tree Size Tag Colour Nordmann Fraser Spruce
120-150cm / 4ft Blue £33 £24
150-175cm / 5ft Orange £47 £47 £30
175-200cm / 6ft Red £60 £60 £36
200-225cm / 7ft Pink £78 £78 £42
225-250cm / 8ft Yellow £96 £48
250-300cm / 8-10ft Green £110
300-360cm / 10-12ft White £125
360-420cm / 12-14ft £165
420-480cm / 14-16ft £235
480-540cm / 16-18ft £265

Pot Grown Price List 2023

Visit and collect, or book local delivery (charges apply*)

Tree Size Tag Colour Nordmann Fraser Spruce
60-100cm / 2-3ft Pink £44
100-120cm / 4ft Yellow £55
125-150cm / 5ft Orange £61

We sell four main varieties in all shapes and sizes. You will be spoilt for choice.

  • Nordmann Fir: The most popular tree in the UK. These are full bushy trees with soft thick dark needles with very good needle holding qualities. Making it soft and easy for the children to decorate. These can take up to 10 years to reach 6ft
  • Fraser Fir: Tend to be narrower scented tree which boasts attractive one-inch long needles that are silvery-green and soft to the touch make them idea if you have limited space.
  • Norway Spruce: The Traditional tree from Victorian times. While it’s a full scented shape which boosts beautiful, firm branches for decorations they have a bad reputation for dropping there needles. Idea for outside or purchasing nearer the time.
  • Serbian Spruce: A Close relative of the Norway spruce, the Serbian with its two-tone green foliage and its dense branches make it a lovely narrow shaped tree suited for our smaller potted trees.

Pot Grown Trees

We offer a selection of pot grown trees with roots these can then be planted in your garden or re-potted into a larger pot each year. Pot grown trees are limited to smaller sizes, as the pot restricts the root ball and therefore its growth beyond a certain size.